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The durable metal construction of the display piece features an aged finish that works with a wide range of decors. Our favorite mementos can be displayed beautifully with this metal easel. Ripplecrafts display easel is uniquely designed to look upscale and sophisticated in any environment. The display easel, also known as an art stand, is made of steel with copper, black, silver finish. The decorative stand, display easel is one of the most effective ways to present your portraits, artwork or announcements. The display easel, such as an art stand or picture holder, is commonly seen in places like restaurants, lobbies, studios, galleries and shopping malls.
The display easel is meant for indoor use. Due to its ornate design, the display easel is sure to make your displayed items look attractive and appealing. The display easel features an adjustable shelf for showcasing a variety of different size frames. You'll love the look and style or our quality home decor. For any room that needs that extra touch, this is the perfect accent piece.
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